iEco Field Day!

Field work is second nature to most of us here at the iEco lab. Last week, everyone in the lab came together to help Dr. Behm retrieve Spotted Lanternfly for one of her courses. This was a great opportunity for everyone to get out of the office and enjoy a group activity with other lab members. Our members split into teams to collect spotted lanternfly from different spots across Temple’s campus. Dr. Behm’s course, called “Biological Impacts of Climate Change”, is designed to educate senior undergraduate and graduate students on the impacts of climate change via applied research projects and labs. The lanternfly were used in a module to educate on the impacts of climate change on invasive species.

Timothy, Stefani and Seba knock some lanternfly from a tree

Dr. Helmus gathers lanternfly from a maple tree

Stephanie, Jason and Jacob process lanternfly

Dr. Helmus and Payton helped to process the lanternfly

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