The iEcoLab is part of the Center for Biodiversity, which encompasses several Temple University laboratories involved in biodiversity research. Labs are located within two buildings on Temple’s main campus: Bio-Life (1900 N 12th St) and SERC (1925 N 12th St).

The Integrative Ecology lab spans both buildings. Facilities for processing field samples and performing growth chamber experiments are located in Bio-Life, while the main offices and laboratory are in SERC — a LEED Gold certified building constructed in 2014. This SERC lab space is dedicated to computational analyses, genetic sequencing and functional trait analyses. We also have two conference rooms and “idea” spaces for lab meetings, seminars, workshops and brainstorming.

Members of the iEcoLab also have access to Owl’s Nest 2, Temple’s state-of-the-art high performance computing cluster. Owl’s Nest 2 has the computing power of about 1500 typical desktop computers.

See here for further facilities information.








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