Dr. Helmus forms strong collaborations this year

The iEco lab provides a highly collaborative environment for its members and our PIs are no exception to this! Dr. Helmus is a co-author on three external papers so far this year. These papers are available on our publications page:

NEON terrestrial site diagram (Daijiang et.al)

  1. Daijiang et.al has published an R-package called neonDivData that standardizes data from the NEON continental-scale biological observation network. NEON represents a huge advancement in large biodiversity datasets in terms of its size, consistency and accessibility. This R-package is designed to standardize these data to the ecocomDP standard so that these data are more easily processed.
  2. A journal article by Jarzyna et.al on biodiversity change seeks to illuminate biodiversity change using data collected from the NEON observation network. Fine temporal-scale data were used from this study to illuminate community stability on a continental scale.
  3. The Hidden Value of Trees” seeks to provide a value estimate for the ecosystem services provided by certain arboreal communities. These valuations can be used to make management decisions about the allocation of conservation efforts.

Congratulations on your co-authorships, Dr. Helmus!

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