Timothy and Stefani Give Talks at ESA Montreal

This year, Timothy and Stefani had the opportunity to present on their PhD research at ESA in Montreal, Canada! This was a great opportunity for both of them to take their ideas before scientists in their field and receive helpful feedback. Timothy and Stefani both received funding to attend the conference and present their talks. Conferences like ESA are a great opportunity to network with other scientists, collaborate and stay current in ecological research.

Timothy, a 5th year PhD student with Dr. Behm, presented on his research animal-forager provided ecosystem services. His talk, titled “Squirrels just wanna eat crumbs”, summarized his research project and recent field season.

Stefani, a 2nd year PhD student with Dr. Helmus, presented her talk entitled “Spotted Lanternfly Honeydew: a [novel] Resource for Hymenoptera Communities”. Her research looks at the various insect communities that utilize SLF honeydew and how this affects community compositions. She has been developing the chapter structure for her dissertation and is preparing for a field season within the next year.

The iEco Lab was proud to be represented by Timothy and Stefani in Montreal!

Timothy and Stefani receive a warm welcome at ESA 2022

Timothy presenting his research on urban food waste removal

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