Protected by the lighthouse
The ships set out on the star carpet flag
Waving and crashing
Like comets colliding and brass trumpets fighting
The drum roll of sailors
And low-pitched complaining
But our lady on watch said the storm would be waiting
Tomorrow the day this is all to be started
With grins, in reflection, protection from sorrow
With homesickness swallow the sword of salvation
Whose blood drips of knowing life’s only starvation
In one sweet cry the rainwater fell
And brought the deck down as the sea reckoned hell
The straits she would go, to find a past stricken mate
By noon it was clear that her fury’s her fate
So she, without warning, to collect what she owed
Left in a hurry to reap what she sowed
A fortune of feathers for a curious bird
Her nightstand was weathered and her nightmares were heard
A line in assembly down a dark corridor
Were echoes of someone who’d roamed there before
As the silent type dreamer with a patience to last
The sort of salutation unnoticed in the past
Like broken glass, spilled wine, and bleeding hearts between
Each murmur a reminder of how life could have been
On the carousel of fortune in a lighted room for tea
But the periscope’s a kaleidoscope on a merciless sea
The periscope’s a kaleidoscope on a merciless sea.

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