Owen Schneider

Owen Schneider
Post-doctoral Fellow


  • Ph.D. Ecology, University of Florida (2019)

Research Interests

I am a broadly trained plant community ecologist interested in the causes and consequences of changes in biodiversity, how ecological communities are structured through space and time, and how communities respond to disturbances. I earned my PhD in Ecology at the University of Florida in 2023 for examining the role of updated fire and hydrology management in structuring the composition of the rare and endangered plant communities found on Long Pine Key in Everglades National Park. I then measured plant functional traits and flammability traits to estimate the role of environmental and biotic filtering and to successfully predict landscape-scale fire intensity and heterogeneity across Long Pine Key.

Current Research

At Temple University, I will examine the context-dependency of host-use by the invasive Spotted Lanternfly and hope to examine the impacts of Spotted Lanternfly of plant composition across the greater Philadelphia area.

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