Nick Huron

As an ecologist, I seek to understand how biodiversity accumulates and diminishes as well as the consequences of such change, especially through introduction of invasive species and extinction at regional scales and greater. In all of my projects, I ask: “What broader patterns can be identified and generalized to other systems or novel scenarios?” To address this question, I leverage publicly available data, natural history collections, and data science methods to analyze relationships between phenomena and variables that may help explain empirical patterns. This approach has made me an advocate for open and reproducible science, thereby shaping my goals to include tool development for both researchers and stakeholders.

In the iEcoLab, I satisfy my life-long penchant for amphibians and reptiles through the study of Caribbean lizard extinctions and pursue new taxonomic horizons through investigations of the relationship between the spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) and its plant hosts. Please check out my website ( for further information!

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