Brenna Waite

I received my B.S. in Biology from Temple University’s College of Science & Technology in May 2017. During my time at Temple, I geared my upper-level coursework towards the environmental side of biology and spent my senior year in the iEcoLab working with Dr. Helmus and Dr. Behm on two different projects. I created lifelike, 3D printed models of anoles for implementation in field predation studies. I also worked on cataloging morphological, behavioral, and habitat traits of native and invasive herpetological species of the Caribbean in order to gain insight on potential explainers of species endangerment. Outside the lab, I worked at the Philadelphia Zoo as an Environmental Education & Animal Behavior intern. I also spent my junior spring semester abroad in Australia where I studied marine & coastal ecology as well as sustainable tourism. My broad research interests include conservation biology, marine conservation, anthropogenic impacts on biodiversity, and invasive species ecology. I am currently working for the Maryland Coastal Bays Program in Berlin, Maryland as an environmental intern before pursuing graduate school.

After Brenna left iEco she worked at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and then went to the Marine Biology at the University of Western Australia for her Masters.

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