Samuel Owens

Samuel Owens
Doctoral Student
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  • B.S. Zoology, Liberty University (2019)

Current Research

My current research takes a statistical / ensemble modeling approach to characterize the ongoing Lycorma delicatula invasion in the eastern USA. I seek to characterize the current stage of the invasion and forecast how it will progress. A well-rounded prediction of Lycorma delicatula potential spread will include factors such as biological limitations and biotic interactions. The models I produce will consider both above factors, as well as climate change data and species-specific mechanistic models to make predictions. I plan to make my data and research accessible via interactive web apps and an R package.

Research Interests

My research interests include ecology, conservation biology and data science. I enjoy any opportunity to marry my interests in ecology and conservation with lab-based sciences. I earned my BS in Zoology and minor in Chemistry from Liberty University. At Liberty, my degree had a heavy research focus on aquatic communities, which ignited my passion for ecology. The proximity to the Appalachian Mountains gave plenty of opportunities for field-based courses. I gained experience in the lab-based sciences through a collection of internships and jobs post-baccalaureate. My approach to research is interdisciplinary and collaborative as a result.

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