iEcoLab undergrads present at the Fall 2021 URP Symposium

Three of the iEcoLab’s awesome undergraduates presented at Temple University’s annual Undergraduate Research Symposium on Friday November 5, 2021. Alison Blaney, Jonathan Falciani, and Yash Patel have participated in CST’s Undergraduate Research Program (URP) and each presented a poster on their work at the symposium.

Alison has been assisting graduate student Timothy Swartz with his urban scavengers project. She assisted him in the field this summer and has since been reviewing the data they collected. Her poster was titled “Common urban scavengers provide an important ecosystem service in city parks.”

Jonathan has been working with postdoc Dr. Jason Gleditsch and PI Dr. Behm on studying shipping networks and how species introductions occur due to trade. Jonathan has been using large datasets to calculate shipping network properties over time. His poster was titled “Quantifying Caribbean shipping network properties.”

Yash has been working with graduate student Payton Phillips to investigate the different types of small mammals detected using Payton’s camera traps in Southeastern PA. Yash’s poster was titled “Urbanization and the impact on the conservation of meso-predators in Philadelphia.”

Congratulations to our presenters! The iEcoLab is always happy to have enthusiastic undergraduates join our lab. If you are interested in working with us, please see our Join Us page for more information.

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