Stefani researches spotted lanternfly in the field

Stefani’s SLF circle trap

iEcoLab graduate student Stefani Cannon has been hard at work out in the field researching spotted lanternfly!

Stefani is focusing on the interactions between spotted lanternflies and hymenopterans for her research. “Hymenoptera” is an order of insects that includes bees, wasps, ants, and sawflies. Spotted lanternfly excretes honeydew, which leads to a buildup of black sooty mold at the base of trees. This honeydew may also be attracting a variety of insects. She has observed many hymenopterans near spotted lanternfly, with interactions between hymenopterans and lanternflies and among hymenopterans trying to get to the sugary sap.

SLF surrounded by ants feeding on honeydew

Stefani is researching these interactions out in the field by monitoring the density of SLF at a site with circle traps, doing visual surveys of the hymenopterans present, tracking the amount of honeydew excreted, and more. She was assisted by one of our wonderful undergraduates Isabella Smith during the summer.


This is Stefani’s first field season with the lab; she started this field work back in May and will continue into late Fall. We look forward to her findings as she continues her second year of her PhD!

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