iEcoLab Fall 2021 Update

One of grad student Stefani’s SLF circle traps.

Happy back to school! It’s been a busy summer for the iEcoLab, from mathematical modeling to genetics and exciting field work. With the academic year beginning we are excited to have the team back on campus.

The lab has expanded quite a bit recently, with a large group of 17 undergraduates (and counting)! Our undergraduates have been hard at work on many different projects within the lab, including research on Caribbean biodiversity, spotted lanternfly, urban birds, small mammals, and ticks. If you are an undergraduate looking to join our team in the future, please see our Join Us page to learn about inquiring for opportunities in the iEcoLab!

We also debuted our new and improved spotted lanternfly dashboard at Make sure to check it out to stay up to date on SLF resources.

Stay tuned for more in-depth updates on our recent research!

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