Dr. Jocelyn Behm presents to PA representatives

Today, Dr. Jocelyn Behm represented iEcoLab at a Pennsylvania House Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee Informational Meeting about invasive species at Temple’s Ambler Campus. Members of the Governor’s Invasive Species Task Force testified to Pennsylvania Representatives regarding the importance of raising awareness about invasive species and funding research and prevention measures. Dr. Behm highlighted her work on the link between invasive plant species and lyme disease, noting that invasive species can have negative effects beyond what one can observe.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture lobbied for the Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM). The program would detect, monitor, and eradicate invasive species within Pennsylvania while providing education and outreach to the public. The plan is designed to unite multiple levels of government, private industries, and community organizations with researchers, farmers, and private citizens in their respective part of the state.

Congressional members appreciated the information brought before them, and cited their personal experiences with invasive species. Afterwards, meeting attendees took a tour to see and identify invasive species around Temple Ambler Campus.

You can watch Dr. Behm’s talk and the entirety of the meeting here


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