Meet iEco’s spotted lanternfly landscape genetics postdoc, Nadège Bélouard

Last but not least for our new postdocs, meet Dr. Nadège Bélouard! Nadège earned her Ph.D in evolutionary ecology at the University of Rennes in France, where she studied the patterns and mechanisms of coexistence between invasive and native species. Broadly, she is interested in using biological invasions to understand the evolutionary changes occurring along species spread. Nadège will be joining iEcoLab this Fall to work on the landscape genomics of the spotted lanternfly invasion. The use of genomic tools will help to explain the dispersal pathways and evolutionary changes occurring during the spotted lanternfly spread. Primarily being advised by Dr. Behm, Nadège will also be working with Dr. Helmus and math professor Dr. Seibold alongside the rest of the spotted lanternfly team.

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