Kelley Langhans

I am interested in landscape ecology in the age of the Anthropocene, examining how humans influence broad patterns of biodiversity. I am passionate about conservation, and am interested in taking an interdisciplinary approach to use those findings to inform how people interact with their environments, especially in urban settings. In the iEcoLab, I use R to analyze and visualize biodiversity data. In addition, I run iEcoLab’s genetics program, sequencing DNA from Curacao’s native and exotic reptiles in order to relate genetic diversity to environmental variables and determine dispersal patterns.

Born in California, I graduated from Swarthmore College with a BA in biology, specializing in animal behavior and communication. I have pursued my love of birdsong as iEcoLab’s resident bird expert during our Curacao field season. I am also very interested in sustainability, and hope during my time at Temple to be a link between iEcoLab and sustainability initiatives in the surrounding area. In my free time, I enjoy watching dogs in the park, baking, and singing opera.


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