Four new iEcoLab publications

Since the start of 2020, the iEcoLab has had four new publications!

  1. The first was led by Tyler Tran with Dr. Helmus and Dr. Behm, which proposes a new planning tool for urban areas, the Green Infrastructure Space and Traits (GIST) model. Read more about their model and aims to improve sustainability in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening.
  2. Former iEco undergraduate Christina Perella led a review paper with Dr. Behm on the spread of exotic geckos in the greater Caribbean area in the journal Biodiversity and Conservation.
  3. Dr. Behm wrote an essay on biodiversity and sustainability in the context of urban landscapes. The essay is published in the American Journal of Botany.
  4. The most recent paper, published in Global Change Biology is led by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam PhD student Wendy Jesse, to which Dr. Behm and Dr. Helmus join several other co-authors. The article is published in Global Change Biology and investigates the effects of often-co-occurring species invasion and urban development on arthropod community composition.

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