Nadège Bélouard

Nadège joined the iEcoLab as a postdoc from Fall 2020-Summer 2022 to work on the landscape genomics of the spotted lanternfly in the United States. She worked to investigate the spread of SLF using genomic tools, in order to understand its dispersal pathways and the evolutionary changes occurring along its spread.

Nadège earned her Ph.D in evolutionary ecology at the University of Rennes (France) in 2018. She studied the patterns and mechanisms of coexistence between invasive and native species, using targeted eDNA metabarcoding, population and landscape genetics, and analyses of trophic networks with stable isotopes. Broadly, she is interested in using biological invasions to understand the evolutionary changes occurring along species spread, on the species itself and on the community.

After iEco, Nadège will be working at Ecobio, at the University of Rennes. She will serve as a temporary research and teaching assistant.

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