The iEcoLab 2023 field season has begun

The 2023 field season has brought exciting prospects as the iEcoLab continues to increase understanding of the invasive spotted lanternfly. With the help of URP students Cameron, Jore, Kenny, Rupali, and Zack, the team is counting spotted lanternfly to investigate host use patterns on plants around Temple University.

Several times a week, the team, equipped with binoculars, measuring tape, and data sheets, ventures out meticulously examining various plants to identify any signs of spotted lanternfly. They encounter a wide variety of plants that serve as potential hosts, as this invasive insect is a voracious pest with a wide range of host plants. From towering trees to vibrant flowering plants, every plant presents an opportunity to gain insights into preferences and behavior. By recording the presence and abundance of spotted lanternflies on each plant species, iEcoLab can build a comprehensive understanding of spotted lanternfly host use patterns and potential impact on the ecosystems locally and globally.

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