iEco Mentors for SPROUTs: A High School Research Mentorship Program

Namira Nera worked with Payton Phillips

This summer, members of the iEco lab mentored local high-school students in research as part of Temple’s Science Preparatory Research Opportunities for Underrepresented Teens (SPROUT) program. Our lab mentored two students throughout the summer months, culminating in poster presentations on their work during the SPROUT symposium.

Namira Nera worked with graduate student Payton Phillips and Dr. Behm to understand how urbanization impacts the time of day during which gray squirrels are most active. She used images of squirrels collected from Payton’s camera traps in SE Pennsylvania. Her poster was titled “Quantifying Squirrel Activity in Camera Traps in Philadelphia: Observation and Analysis.

Harmoni Jones worked with Dr. Seba De Bona, Stefani Cannon, and Dr. Matthew Helmus to uncover the relationship between ants and the invasive spotted lanternfly. Harmoni identified over 700 ant specimens collected from field traps, and studied how ant abundance was affected by the density of lanternfly. She presented her results in a poster titled “Interactions between ants (Formicidae) and spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) on infested trees of heaven.”

Congratulations to both Namira and Harmoni on great presentations and best of luck in all your future endeavors!

Harmoni Jones withed with Seba De Bona

The CST SPROUTs of Summer 2022


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