3 new iEcoLab Publications

iEcoLab has recently had three short publications, one of which was led by an undergraduate researcher with Dr. Behm.

  1. Dr. Helmus has co-developed several widely used methods to incorporate phylogenetics into community ecology. A new book on such methods was recently published and Dr. Helmus reviewed the book in the Quarterly Review of Biology.
  2. Dr. Helmus and Dr. Behm wrote a reference module on Island Biogeography in the new Encyclopedia of Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences.
  3. Hannah Assour, an iEcolLab undergraduate, led a paper with Dr. Behm on the discovery of an exotic ladybug on Curaçao Island. This ladybug (Cheilomenes sexmaculata) is native to Asia and Australia but has been spread by people all over the world.

The exotic ladybug was found here behind the Zoo near the Tapir.

Cheilomenes sexmaculata

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